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EDITION 21-01-2021


Please read this Cookie Policy before using the website and/or mobile application www.silvanols.ee (hereinafter – “the Website”) for any purposes.


This Cookie Policy along with the Privacy Policy and the Website Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the use of SIA “SILVANOLS”, unified registration number 40003233170, registered office: 2A Kurbada Street, Riga, LV-1009, Latvia (hereinafter – “We”) Website and the information and services provided therein.


Whenever a relevant window is opened on the Website, you will have to either accept (“Agree”) or reject (“Disagree”) the Cookies. Please note that, if you choose “Disagree”, some features of the Website may not be available to you.


By continuing to use the Website without changing the Cookie settings (as described in this Cookie Policy), any user of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “You/Your” or “the Visitor”) agrees that We may place cookies on Your device.


  1. Definitions

1.1. Device – a computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device that You use to access the Website.

1.2. Cookie(s) – small text files, that contain a small amount of information and are stored in the memory of Your browser or Device, when You visit the Website. The Website uses them for a number of purposes, such as for identifying whether You are a new visitor or a repeat user, for analysing Your behaviour on the Website, for remembering items in the shopping cart, etc. You can also use other techniques (“similar technologies”) to perform functions that are normally achieved through Cookies, such as HTML5 localStorage, Flash Cookies (Local Shared Objects), the device’s “fingerprint reader”, etc.

1.3. First Party/Website Cookie – a Cookie set by the Website. It can only be read by this Website.

1.4. Third Party Cookie – a Cookie used by the Website as an external service placed on the Website by another domain.

1.5. Required Cookies – Cookies that are required for You to browse the Website and use its features, such as for memorising the information entered in the templates during the session. If You add items to Your cart, these Cookies allow items to remain in Your shopping cart, when You are ready to make the payment. Without these Cookies it would be impossible to provide certain services of the Website, and it would not work as smoothly as intended.

1.6. Functional Cookies – Cookies specifically used to collect information about Your use of the Website, the pages of the Website You visit most often, and to help You remember Your preferences and settings (such as language or time zones). These Cookies only monitor the performance of the Website. These Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information about You, which means that all data collected is anonymous and is only used to improve the functionality of the Website.

1.7. Analytical Cookies – Cookies that reveal to us, if You have ever visited the Website. These anonymous Cookies help us track the number of users and the frequency of their visits. These Cookies collect information about the use of the Website and help to improve the operation of the Website. For example, analytical Cookies can show, which pages of the Website are most frequently visited, help to record interferences on the Website, etc.

1.8. Advertising (Targeted) Cookies – Cookies that allow us to record Your visits to our Website, pages You have previously visited and links You have opened. We will use this information to match the displayed ads with Your interests. Targeted or Advertising Cookies let us know, if You have already seen a particular ad or a specific type of ad, and how long it has been since You saw it. We may use Cookies set by other subjects to provide You with better targeted advertising. They are also used to show certain ads a certain number of times only and to help measure the effectiveness of the ads.


  1. Purposes of using Cookies and their storage periods

2.1. Cookies are used to facilitate the functioning of the Website, provide more efficient operation, as well as to provide Us with information. This means that Cookies can perform various tasks, such as remember Your settings (e.g., chosen language or time zone), analyse data traffic, customise ads, improve the overall user experience, etc. In this way, You don’t have to re-enter Your settings, when You browse different pages on Your site at the same time. Cookies may also be used to generate anonymous statistics about Your browsing experience on our Websites. We use First Party and Third Party Cookies.

2.2. Cookies may be stored on Your browser or device for various periods of time. For example, Session Cookies are deleted from Your Device after You close Your browser. Permanent Cookies may be stored on Your Device until You delete them or until they expire.


  1. Cookies used on the Website

3.1. We provide all information about the Cookies used on this Website in the table below:


CookieDomainDescription of the CookieValidity period of
the Cookie
Cookie type
__cfduid.salespoints.coCDN (Content Delivery Network) service provider cookie, for example, “CloudFlare” cookie. The cookie is used to identify users of a website within a shared IP address and to apply security settings to each user of the website. This cookie does not store personally identifiable information.1 year 30 daysRequired cookies
fr.facebook.com“Facebook” cookie. The cookie is used to display relevant ads to visitors, to evaluate and to improve the ads. The cookie also tracks visitor behaviour on the websites containing Facebook pixels or Facebook social plug-ins.1 year 90 daysAdvertising cookies
wp-wpml_current_languagestage.lv.silvanols.comWebsite cookie. The cookie is used to store language settings.1 year 19 days
15 hours 21 min
Functional cookies
_ga.silvanols.com“Google Analytics” cookie. The cookie is used to calculate visitor, session, campaign data and track site usage for the Site Analytics report. Cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors.1 year 20 days
8 hours 51 min
Analytical cookies
_gid.silvanols.com“Google Analytics” cookie. The cookie is used to store information about how visitors use the site and helps to create an analytical report on how the site works. The collected data include the number of visitors, the sites they arrive from and the pages visited in anonymous form.1 year 19 days
15 hours 21 min
Analytical cookies
_gat_gtag_UA_71262402_18.silvanols.comWebsite cookie. The cookie is used to store a unique user ID.1 year 19 days
15 hours 20 min
Functional cookies
_fbp.silvanols.com“Facebook” cookie. The Cookie is used to deliver ads.1 year 19 days
17 hours 29 min
Advertising cookies


3.2. Each time You visit our Website, permanent Cookies may be created that remain on Your computer after You leave and will be used when You visit our Website again; they work and are not deleted after You finish browsing the Website. Temporary (session) Cookies may also be created, which are automatically deleted when You finish browsing the Website.

3.3. Additional information about Cookies is available here: https://www.cookieserve.com


  1. Disabling and blocking Cookies

4.1. The visitor may, at his/her discretion, block or delete Cookies and similar unique identifiers, if the settings of the browser or Device allow it. You can control and delete Cookies according to Your choice; more information is available at https://aboutcookies.org

4.2. However, We draw Your attention to the fact that Required Cookies are a prerequisite for using the Website. If You disable these Cookies, We cannot be sure how and whether our Website will work at all. If You disable or block Cookies or other similar technologies, certain features of the Website may not be available to You or may not function properly.

4.3. You can choose to allow, block or delete Cookies in Your browser. Instructions on how to do this are available on each browser home page.

4.4. You can opt out of collecting “Google Analytics” information by downloading and installing the optional browser tool available here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

4.5. To opt out of targeted advertising on Facebook and Google, please use Your Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ads/settings) or Google Ads (https://adssettings.google.com/) profile settings.


  1. Changes to Cookie Policy

5.1. We reserve the right to unilaterally make changes to this Cookie Policy. The changes will take effect on the date the updated Cookie Policy is published on the Website, unless a later effective date has been provided in the Cookie Policy.

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